Sunday, 29 July 2012

2 months to go..

It's all going so quickly. It's almots been a months since I got back from London, but it only feels like a few days. The summer has sort of reached us here in Barvaria, only to have the rain appear at the weekends! I've only got 2 months left now -crazy right? In no time I'll be packing my bags again and will be London bound to finish my degrees.

Until then I have some good weekends ahead of road trips and Mojito parties! I've also tried my best to at least do part of my dissertation research outdoors as most design work chains me to a desk with a computer connected to a power source. Today I managed to cycle through the rain to find a tree to hang out underneith! It was lovely until I found myself the attention of a strange man who seemed to get closer with every turn of a page. 

My 6 months living abroad an away from home has really opened my eyes - The world is far bigger than London, and most of all I can handle daily life as a sufficient human being and designer -its quite rewarding really.

Here's to more summery days, Mojito parties and road trips!