Monday, 25 June 2012

Up and Down

So the last few weeks have been, well “up and down” I had about a week and a half with nothing to do. I was going crazy. I spent my days on design blogs, bbc news website and then eventually on 9gag. It was fun at first, but then I soon realised that all this time I was killing could’ve been more productivley spent on dissertation research etc. Luckliy on thursday, a huge flood of work came in, which made me super busy until the end of the week!

I’ve also been given some new responsibilities as other employees are now leaving for their annual leave. I’ve been trained to operate the large format printers which are used when employees go to conferences etc. It was pretty cool learning about how the printer functions and what I would need to do to take care of it, changing cartridges, paper, etc.


Also I’ve moved into a new flat! The people at HR didn’t book my previous flat for the full 6 months and so for the second half of my internship, so here I am. Packing up all my stuff made me realise how much stuff I actually have! Its ridiculous! To be honest it is a nice-ish room. Its big, and the road outside is quiter. It also has carpet which does make it a little cosy when walking around. I do have one qualm though – my bedroom faces the carpark/street/road which on the first floor, its pretty easy to see directly into my room! So not so impressed with that..

On wednesday I will be making my way back home to London (Huzzah!) It’ll be nice to be in my own room again and to catch up with family and friends. And of course I’m really looking forward to going to the LCC Private view on the next evening!

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