Thursday, 14 June 2012

London Olympics


Let me start with saying that I am glad that I won't be in London during the Olympics.

I have absolutely no desire to be in a city that doesn't work very well at all on a regular day let alone when an extra 5 million or so descent upon the city. I do hope nothing goes wrong as I'm sure everything will fold and shut down and it will more of an embarrassment then it already is.

As a designer so far all designed aspects of the Olympics have had two reactions from me — laughter and disbelief. The thought of anybody willfully purchasing any London Olympics merchandise is as crazy as the thought that everything will actually go smoothly.

I think the logo is awful. It's crude and threatening...but I'm sure you've heard several reasons why the logo is crap so I'll move on. The official font for the summer games is just as bad if not worse. They've paid for 26 letters, each to prove how much worse it could possibly look. Nothing about it speaks of the UK's heritage, or rooting within sport...sometimes I think it must have started off as a joke of 'lets see how much these suckers will pay us'

The mascots are a one of a kind mash up of what can only be described as some sort of aliens? Visually they look like a vector version of monsters from Pixars Monsters Inc. Nothing appears to root from the UK or the history of the games. Even with the explanations it doesn't make them any better. Post rationalising comes to mind.

This week the 'ceremonial costumes' were released. The choice of colour is strange, why purple? Purple signifies wealth, royalty and also Barney the dinosaur. Why is it that hardly anything about the Olympics is actually about the UK.

The word costume seems appropriate for what was designed. They look like they're ready for a set of sci-fi movie. Britain has a rich history of tailoring and is world renowned for such skills. Why didn't they go toward that route?

Overall I think that designed aspects have been over-thought, over-designed and over paid. The mascots are supposedly designed to link to several things, which no one would ever guess without paragraphs without explanation. The same seems to be with the costumes. In my opinion, great design shouldn't need lengthy explanations, or more than 30 seconds to understand or appreciate it. 

What ever happened to simplicity?

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