Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Deutsches Museum — Printing


The whole weekend was raining on and off (much like in London apparently) and so I spent the majority of it going to Exhibitions and Museums. Which in my opinion is the best thing to do when its raining! 

Despite a friends recommendation that the Deutsches Museum is boring and rubbish, I went with excitement that they had a whole room dedicated to Printing.

I loved seeing the different kinds of machines for litho, letterpressing, embossing, trimming. It was very cool.

I met a lovely man who looked after the machines (who shall not be named) and he decided to give Chris and I a very private tour. He started turning all the machines on and showing us how they work. He even started taking the chains off exhibition stands to show me all the letterpress stuff. He was lovely and spent over an hour with us, showing us lots of different machines. At some points, other people tried to join in but he said "no sorry, this is just for them". I wanted to hug him.

He even gave us our initials in Helvetica 36pt. Very cool.

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