Monday, 25 June 2012

Up and Down

So the last few weeks have been, well “up and down” I had about a week and a half with nothing to do. I was going crazy. I spent my days on design blogs, bbc news website and then eventually on 9gag. It was fun at first, but then I soon realised that all this time I was killing could’ve been more productivley spent on dissertation research etc. Luckliy on thursday, a huge flood of work came in, which made me super busy until the end of the week!

I’ve also been given some new responsibilities as other employees are now leaving for their annual leave. I’ve been trained to operate the large format printers which are used when employees go to conferences etc. It was pretty cool learning about how the printer functions and what I would need to do to take care of it, changing cartridges, paper, etc.


Also I’ve moved into a new flat! The people at HR didn’t book my previous flat for the full 6 months and so for the second half of my internship, so here I am. Packing up all my stuff made me realise how much stuff I actually have! Its ridiculous! To be honest it is a nice-ish room. Its big, and the road outside is quiter. It also has carpet which does make it a little cosy when walking around. I do have one qualm though – my bedroom faces the carpark/street/road which on the first floor, its pretty easy to see directly into my room! So not so impressed with that..

On wednesday I will be making my way back home to London (Huzzah!) It’ll be nice to be in my own room again and to catch up with family and friends. And of course I’m really looking forward to going to the LCC Private view on the next evening!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hello London!

The countdown has begun.
6 days until I returrn to London for a short trip.

I didn't think I'd miss London this much. I think it's mostly my friends and family, but also some cheeky extras. Gallerys, Museums, Exhibitions and the central London really. I miss that feeling of knowing what's around me and stuff....its the familiar really. 

Don't get me wrong, living here in Munich is great, finding new places and exploring is so much fun and is most certainly interesting. 

First thing I want to do when I touch down in London - eat a Jam doughnut from Sainsburys. Strange thing to crave but my goodness me I want one! Nom nom nom nom

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hurry up

My 'DFC'* project has been 'ongoing' for at least a year. 
I'm determined to finish it so I can cross it off the list and finally move on. I've decided that when finished I will submit it to the LMNOP competition in hope that they will like it enough to publish it!

Wish me luck!

DFC: Dead Fish Collection

Crash, Bang, Wallop

Last night there was a thunderstorm. 
I should be used to them by now, but alas I'm not.
It kept me up until 4am and now I'm sleepy and mumble-y.
Let's hope its not the same case tonight!

Chip Kidd: My new hero

Thursday, 14 June 2012

London Olympics


Let me start with saying that I am glad that I won't be in London during the Olympics.

I have absolutely no desire to be in a city that doesn't work very well at all on a regular day let alone when an extra 5 million or so descent upon the city. I do hope nothing goes wrong as I'm sure everything will fold and shut down and it will more of an embarrassment then it already is.

As a designer so far all designed aspects of the Olympics have had two reactions from me — laughter and disbelief. The thought of anybody willfully purchasing any London Olympics merchandise is as crazy as the thought that everything will actually go smoothly.

I think the logo is awful. It's crude and threatening...but I'm sure you've heard several reasons why the logo is crap so I'll move on. The official font for the summer games is just as bad if not worse. They've paid for 26 letters, each to prove how much worse it could possibly look. Nothing about it speaks of the UK's heritage, or rooting within sport...sometimes I think it must have started off as a joke of 'lets see how much these suckers will pay us'

The mascots are a one of a kind mash up of what can only be described as some sort of aliens? Visually they look like a vector version of monsters from Pixars Monsters Inc. Nothing appears to root from the UK or the history of the games. Even with the explanations it doesn't make them any better. Post rationalising comes to mind.

This week the 'ceremonial costumes' were released. The choice of colour is strange, why purple? Purple signifies wealth, royalty and also Barney the dinosaur. Why is it that hardly anything about the Olympics is actually about the UK.

The word costume seems appropriate for what was designed. They look like they're ready for a set of sci-fi movie. Britain has a rich history of tailoring and is world renowned for such skills. Why didn't they go toward that route?

Overall I think that designed aspects have been over-thought, over-designed and over paid. The mascots are supposedly designed to link to several things, which no one would ever guess without paragraphs without explanation. The same seems to be with the costumes. In my opinion, great design shouldn't need lengthy explanations, or more than 30 seconds to understand or appreciate it. 

What ever happened to simplicity?

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Busy Bee

Its exactly 3 weeks until I come home for a short trip. I'm pretty much already booked up and am planning to soak up some culture ideas and smiles while I'm down.


Living in the land of chocolate I feel like I'm surrounded. So far the past two months, I've been squirreling away various flavours of Milka bars for family back home in London. They are serious chocolate fiends. 

I went to Milka World the other day, and discovered that they are still in touch with older versions of their packaging. It was lovely to see how the brand has progressed to what it is today.

I'm pleased to say that within the world of luxury styled packaging, Milka's first packaging designed and produced in the 1900's would still entice buyers to purchase it today.


I saw a Hedgehog the other night in the Garden at the front of my flat! It was very exciting.

I should mention that I've never seen one for real before.

At first I thought it was a rat running across the grass. But it looked too round. I'd describe it to be like a potato with legs. A rather large potatoe really..maybe like the size of a honeydew melon?

I've named him Helmut.

Deutsches Museum — Foto & Film

I should probably start with I love cameras.

When I was young I was amazed by the magic of it all. All you need to do is press a button and what you see before you is immortalised on paper. This is when the fascination began. I have a small camera collection at home and really loved going to this exhibition.

As I walked around, I couldn't help but feel silly taking pictures of such substantial instruments with something so smooth and slick. 

I understand that the fashion and the want in the 21st century is to have something smaller, slimmer, shinyer, quicker and all the other whizzy things that new technology has. But there is something about heavy, clunky things that makes one feel its worth. Literally. Instruments which were lovingly put together really shows in the older models more than the new — that's what I think anyway. 

More than that, I think it makes you understand its worth more when its not the same size as a credit card. I quite like the dull and clunky rather than slick and shiny.

I'm definitely going back again.

Deutsches Museum — Printing


The whole weekend was raining on and off (much like in London apparently) and so I spent the majority of it going to Exhibitions and Museums. Which in my opinion is the best thing to do when its raining! 

Despite a friends recommendation that the Deutsches Museum is boring and rubbish, I went with excitement that they had a whole room dedicated to Printing.

I loved seeing the different kinds of machines for litho, letterpressing, embossing, trimming. It was very cool.

I met a lovely man who looked after the machines (who shall not be named) and he decided to give Chris and I a very private tour. He started turning all the machines on and showing us how they work. He even started taking the chains off exhibition stands to show me all the letterpress stuff. He was lovely and spent over an hour with us, showing us lots of different machines. At some points, other people tried to join in but he said "no sorry, this is just for them". I wanted to hug him.

He even gave us our initials in Helvetica 36pt. Very cool.