Sunday, 29 April 2012

One month in Germany

So yesterday was officially my 1st month in Garching, Germany. 
I'm really enjoying my time here and am beginning to settle in really well.
Living in a new country where I can't speak the language is tough, 
but I'm enjoying the learning curve. 

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Helmut Typeface

I'm not a huge typopile 
-but WOW.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Noisy Jelly


Guten morgen Sonne!

Its going to be a lovely week!

The die line

image credit: The die line

Recently I found this great website that features the latest beautiful packaging designs. 

It makes me want to have a go at some packaging design for my final year...

Friday, 20 April 2012

ESO Official

I got my ESO card with my face on it today!!
Very exciting.

ESO Work

My first week at ESO I was given the project to design two exhibition panels with a timeline of their first 50 years. I found it pretty tricky at first to get it to look good, and also working with different lengths of copy was difficult. Sometimes you just have to know when to give up and cave in, and hope that no one notices that one is a little bit longer than the others...perhaps I shouldn't have divulged that. Oh wells..

All ESO exhibition panels are available online to download and print to use for exhibition for the Member states. You can see the ones that I designed here and here.

apologies for the really bad picture...

Rain rain go away

The weather here is pathetic!!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Is officially not in the dark anymore!!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I'm still in the dark. 
The company didn't turn up yesterday.

Maulwurf x

Monday, 16 April 2012


They're coming to fix my shutters tomorrow!!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

EDF Energy TV advert

This made my day.

Culture time

Munich, although a smallish city has lots and lots of museums and Galleries. On Sundays most participate in bringing down their entrance fees to 1 which is amazing! 

Last week I went to Münchner Stadtmuseum which had a fantastic permanent exhibition on Puppets. It was amazing to see the difference between different types, how they were made and even films of some of them. Toward the end of the puppet exhibition, there was a more circus themed exhibition which really drew me in. I've never been to a circus and have always imagined how amazing they used to be in the 1900's.

I also went to the Duchamp exhibition as a last minute edition to the days itinerary. I saw the advertisement as I was going up an escalator to exit a station. I actually rode the escalator all the way down again to read where the exhibition was so I could visit it. Munich played a huge part in Duchamps artistic life and it was wonderful to see some of his work and understand his past.

Another gallery I was to was Neue Pinakothek. It had a huge collection of paintings by word renowned painters and lesser known ones. The paintings were displayed together in no particular order and so it was really interesting to see how paintings felt when compared to its neighbor. Here I discovered a new interest which is impressionism. The way they captured colour, light, and they way in which they painted really interested me. I definitely want to go back and do some research in this particular style of painting. I'm considering making it apart of my dissertation.


Second week at ESO

I'm beginning to feel more at home and comfortable this week. Things are becoming more familiar, and I'm beginning to learn how to fix problems myself without taking too much time out of what I'm meant to be doing.

I'm finally settling in and have made some lovely new friends. Although I live and work in Germany, the work environment is spoken English which is nice, at least that's one thing that hasn't changed.

The work I've been doing is really interesting, my first project was to work on a exhibition panel. It was about the first 50 years of ESO which gave me a chance to learn about ESO's company history. My most recent project was to work on the company Christmas card and Christmas Party invitation. I found this quite tricky as I had to come up with a design which could work for both Chile and Europe, It couldn't be directly religious and couldn't be similar to previous designs. The biggest part of the project that I found to be tricky was to adjust my style to something more corporate and clean. Normally the way I work can be a little silly and certainly not serious. On Friday I proposed my design and they were pleased with it. I Will upload pictures when I can.


Frohe Ostern!

Yes I know I'm more than a week late but I've been really busy.

The southern part of Germany is strongly Catholic. During my first Easter here in Germany,most shop windows and even tree's were Easter themed. With colourful painted eggs and ducks and rabbits everywhere, it was really quite lovely. There was less emphasis on the giving and receiving of chocolate eggs or various sweet treats, and more on spending time with family and friends.

I also woke up to snow! It wasn't much of a surprise as my phone had already predicted it, but the amount astonished me. It was beautiful and magical. 


Ich heiße Maulwurf

It has officially been 2 weeks in the dark.
I feel like I have become a Mole.
Until they get fixed I will end all posts with 'Maulwurf'

Saturday, 7 April 2012


Feeling pretty cool

First week at ESO

So my first week working at ESO has ended. It was a short one due to it being the easter weekend, which is a nice way to start. 

I'm finally getting into the hang of things, finding new ways around the very complicated building and learning how to fix problems efficiently. The atmosphere, although quiet is quite easygoing and friendly. The work flow is slightly slower than I'd like, but thats at no fault of our (the graphics team) own -we're waiting on various texts to be able to design the books/posters/leaflets.

So all in all, I've been eased in quite successfully. But I feel that this slow pace with quicken in no time...

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Mike Boon

This made my day!

Working at ESO

So my first (and second) day at ESO have finally passed. I'm glad to say that I'm having a great time! Everyone is really friendly and helpful and the place (although a labyrinth) its really cool.

My first day was a bit of a race, I met lots of people at was shown around the building and various offices and various different directions and filled out some good old paperwork. The building is circular shaped, and has two ways of getting anywhere depending on which way round you want to go. All the corridors, stairs, doors and walkways look exactly the same -but despite that I seem to be managing okay.

I'm still adjusting, and getting used to it all but I'm pleased to report that it's all pretty great and I'm really enjoying it so far. I've got a great computer set up with two monitors which I'm still getting used to, but I still keep on 'losing' my mouse arrow and then realise its somewhere in the other screen.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Tomorrow is my First Day

So tomorrow is my first day at ESO. I'm really quite nervous but most of all I'm excited. I've moved to a new country to work here and the suspense is killing me. I want to see the buildings, pictures, new faces. Everything. I definitely think I'm more excited than nervous. This is a huge opportunity for me to do something new and different -and not to mention cool.

Wish me luck!

image credit:

Bummel-ing Around

With not much to do on a Sunday, and shops being closed I decided to have a wonder and see what else there is to see here in Garching.

I feel quite safe here, and can walk where my split second decisions take me, left or right, this or that way etc. etc. I found myself walking down along a river at one point, listening to the birds and watching them jump around in the trees. I always like to imagine that they're having a conversation of some sort or sometimes that they're having an argument about what side of the tree is theirs. I discovered that Garching is in fact very green, spacious and extremely clean. Its a lovely town to live in. I also found myself being followed by a little black bird with a orange beak. Every time I turned around, there it was by a tree, or under a bush making a lot of noise in the leaves. It was very sweet.

Half way through my walk I was beginning to get very hungry, I forgot to eat lunch before I left and it was about 3pm. I got a bit bored of the same scenery and decided to change direction which eventually led be back into Garching town. I found lots of new cafes, supermarkets and butchers. The road led me back directly in front of a bakery which was open. I felt like it was fate. So I sat in the sunshine and had my first cake in Bavaria. Yum.