Friday, 30 March 2012

My German adventure

My journey here began with a heart attack at the airport. Assuming I could simply check another bag and pay a fee was a huge mistake which could have cost me £180 due to it being classed as excess baggage. Hastily grabbing what I could from the extra bag and shoving it into my suitcase and hand carry has left me with no guidebooks and one pair of jeans. Until the box arrives with all my things that is.

Life in Germany for me is pretty strange, I've lived in London all of my life and have until recently been living at home with my parents. Paying rent when I could live for free is something that doesn't particularly appeal to me.

My new flat in Garching is really nice, clean and spacious. I live with two older men that also work at ESO in Garching. I've been making new discoveries every day. For example, this morning I realised that I in fact have shutters on my huge windows. For the past two mornings I've woken up extremely early due to the sun pouring in through my two very large windows.

Yesterday I went into the city and wondered around for a few hours, it was really nice. I didn't particularly worry about getting lost as I knew I'd eventually hit another underground station so it was quite fun. I've also been very organised and already have myself a German telephone number and a bank account. 

Today I think I'm going to wonder around Garching, so I can see what I actually have around here. Tomorrow I'm planning to go to a flea market specifically for bicycles. It's half an hour walk to work, or a 5 minute train ride which would end up costing me 50euros a month. I could buy a bicycle for that! Plus It could save me some money If I felt like riding into Munich or parking and riding which will make it cheaper due to being in a different zone.

It's all very exciting still, and my mish-mash of English and German seem to be getting me along!

So this is where I'll start working on Monday!

Wish me Luck!

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