Saturday, 31 March 2012

Getting a new ride

Today I went into town to Munich's first Bicycle flea market. I was hoping to get a new ride as traveling to work on the train will cost me 48euros a month, which is about the standard price for a cheapo second hand bike.

I didn't realise how busy it would actually be. It was a bit like supermarket sweep where you just had to find your bike, lay your hands on it and not let go for dear life. I was too slow, and too picky and all that was left where bikes which were about 100 to 300 euros each, which is way above my limit.

oh wells, hopefully next time...

Into the darkness

Last night I slept  in complete darkness, and it was...alright. I was looking forward to seeing what the weather was like outside, and one little tug and the ridiculous thing snapped!

For those who don't know, the contraption on the wall controls the shutter which for me controls the daylight. 

So I will be blogging from what feels like being underground for the next few days...

I suppose this is what a worm feels like...

Friday, 30 March 2012

You Learn Something New Every Day

Today I made two discoveries which I'm really pleased about! I found a cupboard with a hanging dryer and an iron and ironing board etc. It's particularly hand as I was planning to buy these things. Somehow I had never realised that the door was there...even though I walk right past it to go to the bathroom.

Also, for the past two nights sleep hasn't been very good as the light from my windows wake me up rather early, at about 7, half 7, 8. There is a machine sort of contraption which sits on the wall and I've been wondering what exactly it does. This morning under instruction I was shown that it lowers a shutter which sits outside my window. Pretty cool! No more early mornings to me. Hoorah!

My German adventure

My journey here began with a heart attack at the airport. Assuming I could simply check another bag and pay a fee was a huge mistake which could have cost me £180 due to it being classed as excess baggage. Hastily grabbing what I could from the extra bag and shoving it into my suitcase and hand carry has left me with no guidebooks and one pair of jeans. Until the box arrives with all my things that is.

Life in Germany for me is pretty strange, I've lived in London all of my life and have until recently been living at home with my parents. Paying rent when I could live for free is something that doesn't particularly appeal to me.

My new flat in Garching is really nice, clean and spacious. I live with two older men that also work at ESO in Garching. I've been making new discoveries every day. For example, this morning I realised that I in fact have shutters on my huge windows. For the past two mornings I've woken up extremely early due to the sun pouring in through my two very large windows.

Yesterday I went into the city and wondered around for a few hours, it was really nice. I didn't particularly worry about getting lost as I knew I'd eventually hit another underground station so it was quite fun. I've also been very organised and already have myself a German telephone number and a bank account. 

Today I think I'm going to wonder around Garching, so I can see what I actually have around here. Tomorrow I'm planning to go to a flea market specifically for bicycles. It's half an hour walk to work, or a 5 minute train ride which would end up costing me 50euros a month. I could buy a bicycle for that! Plus It could save me some money If I felt like riding into Munich or parking and riding which will make it cheaper due to being in a different zone.

It's all very exciting still, and my mish-mash of English and German seem to be getting me along!

So this is where I'll start working on Monday!

Wish me Luck!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Bis später

So the day has finally come, and It's finally happening! I have finalised my suitcase(s) and finally have everything sorted after a silly 3 days spent packing. I'm really nervous about leaving  because I've never moved out before and It's pretty much a huge thing.

I'm also really really really looking forward to working somewhere new and living somewhere new and just this whole experience I think is really going to change not just as a designer but also as a person.

Well, I will blog again when I arrive.

Bis später

image credit: IB

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Internship at DK

My extended internship begins tomorrow, hopefully I'll be able to get some design experience under my belt. The section I work in at DK covers children's education books, most of their books have a particular style. Although some of the books had a new style which was very interesting to see. I am really looking forward to getting to understand their style and hopefully undertaking some design assistant work.

Henry Hargreaves

I tend to strive toward the natural. I like to eat fruit and veg instead of taking vitamins. I make cakes using whisks and wooden spoons instead of electric beaters. 

These pictures by Henry Hargreaves although extremely cool, food wise it makes me feel a little sick.

image credit: Henry Hargreaves

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Final Countdown

13 days to go!

Super Tired


This is exactly how I feel.

My second week is almost finished at DK as a Design Intern. The last few days have been mega busy as were trying to make all the books ready for the fair in Bologna. Just as the piles of books become smaller more seem to be added to the conveyor belt of work.

Although the work I am currently doing isn't design related, I am still putting 100% into it. I want to show them that whatever they give to me I will I will do great at. All the different teams I've been working with seem really pleased with all the books we've been making, which is great!

I've also been asked to stay on a few extra days to help out with various things which will be nice as I will be able to see the other aspects of the company.

Over and out.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Work in progress

For this past DPS year, I have been showing a 'work in progress' at all interviews, and at this moment it is still an 'on going project'. I have finally decided to put some time into it and finish it. 

Watch this space.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Google Doodle

March 8 2012 was International Womens day, and google has honored this for the second year running. I really like the the quality of line of the print, quite refreshing when all you see most of the time is digital vectors.

Internship at DK

On monday I started a new internship at Dorling Kindersley. Previously I decided to spend my 2 months prior to leaving for Germany free to complete some on-going projects and to generally take it easy. This plan slightly backfired and cabin fever set in, so I decided to apply to some internships to change my scenery.

I've been applying to DK for an internship since June 2011, and finally one came through! I am one intern in a team of four helping to create dummies for the Bologna book fair. To describe it completely, I am cutting and sticking. I do however get to see the process in how books are published, and I get to meet various Art Editors which can mean possible connections.

Not to mention I get to use a wicked cool machine which is tonnes of fun. It's a Xyron machine which applies adhesive to pretty much anything. Its quite fun, although I did accidentally apply adhesive to a fly and squash it which I wasn't too pleased about.

Its also really different working in a team, as in all my past internships I've been working solo or as an assistant. It is hard at times, as people don't always mix well, but most of all it's nice to have some company, and catch up with other students that are on the DPS year too. We seem to have already figured out a dynamic where people are doing what they feel comfortable doing and are best at, and as a team we complete tasks quickly and to a professional level which all art editors are very much pleased with.

I can easily predict that next week will be pretty much the same, but apparently it's going to be busier.

Until then.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Bridging the Gap

Since I finished my internship at Provokateur, I've been at home working on my website, and re-jigging projects. My computer chair is a lot like the picture above. It's extremely comfortable and spending most hours of the day parked in it is not that difficult. I have been however getting cabin fever lately and have been wanting to change my days.

I am please to announce that I have another internship/placement commencing on Monday. I will be working at DK to help with preparations for the Bologna Book fair. Initially it's one weeks paid work which may then extend to the next. I'm very glad to be getting out of the house as well as to get another new experience.