Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Working at The Financial Times

So my first week working as an intern at the Financial Times is almost up. I'm really enjoying it! My time there is split between design work and website work. Both which I'm really enjoying! Some of the Photoshop work is very challenging for the web images but there's nothing more I love than a challenge. It's a chance to learn something new!

I decided to crash a tutorial and visit some friends (Polly) and felt like all the things I was doing at FT was at warp speed compared to what they were doing at uni. It felt strange though. Thinking I could be doing that if i weren't interning at other places. I think that right now a change of pace is what I need.

The pictures above show the fantastic building which overlooks the thames. I love walking into this building. It makes me feel really grown up and a little bit cool (ha). I also have a pass which allows me to enter the building, It doesn't say 'The Financial Times' or has my face on it which was a shame. I'd certainly forfit my £5 deposit if it had only to keep it as something cool.

Thats also a picture of my desk at for this week. Its a mac connected to a dell screen? which is a little strange to me but I'm getting used to it. They also have these amazing chairs which I am in love with but cost almost £1000!!?

I also got an email today inviting me for an interview for early next week. Yay! 

Wish me luck!

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