Sunday, 18 September 2011


T-Mobile is still on their A-game with their television adverts. A lot of them, people will remember. The really lovely thing is that they always end up with people smiling and that is what makes them memorable and gets people talking. I think smiling is the key. Making someone smile seems to unlock something and makes people remember. 

Unlike other TV ad campaigns which go the route of "lets make it so annoying that people hate it and talk to each other about how annoying it is".  I think having people talk negatively about a brand/company due to purposefully bad TV ads is completely the wrong way to go about it. 

T-Mobiles new ad campaign really hits home to a lot of people in which they all share a mutual hate for parking tickets. I think this was a really tricky idea as I would imagine some people might have try to hurt the 'parking warden' due to the crazy reason/timing of their 'parking ticket'. Not only that, the ordeal of these strangers yelling and getting upset and even crying would have been a lot for the actor to deal with. Although -did the smile and laughter make it all worth it?

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