Monday, 8 August 2011

Social Networking for Career Opportunities

The speakers for this event were:
Tim Mitchell, talent strategist at The Talent Business
Reem Kanj, UAL Alumni and founder/editor for Five Five Fabulous
Claire Strickland, bespoke Milliner
Gity Monsef Webb, director of artist relations at Talenthouse
Scott Phillips, founder of Rise Art

The set up of this talk was more of a open discussion, questions were asked from the audience as the speakers shared their experience as to how we as creatives can utilise tools such as facebook and twitter to enhance our creative careers.

One strong theme throughout the talk was that personal and work online identities need to be kept separate. Your prospective employer shouldn’t be able to google you and find out what you did the night before your interview.

Key things from this talk:

This talk was very popular, many people were standing in the background. I think the thought of places like facebook and twitter being used to better our creative career is quite exciting. Its something that most of use daily if not more. I found this talk extremely useful, and has given me a kick up the digital bottom to have a bigger presence in the digital world. My only grumble is that at points it was hard to hear the speakers and members of the audience, It was a room with windows opening onto the road.  At times I had to strain to hear things, and I was 2 rows from the front.

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