Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Japanese Graphic Design

When one passion links to another, it is something extremely exciting. Whilst watching 'Rick Stein and the Japanese Ambassador' I noticed some fantastic graphic designs in the background of the small restaurants. 

This led me to start some research, here are some favourites i've found so far

Graduation Works. Tama Art University. 2009

Cruises Smile. Takashi Akiyama. 2010

Time-Space Engineering. Takashi Akiyama. 2009
Earthquake Japan, Tsunami. Takashi Akiyama. 2010

Sake Rock. Ohara Daijiro. 2007

I really love the playfulness that appears in Japanese graphic design, something that I think is missing from most western graphic design.

Image credits: All posters are taken from this fantastic tumblr here

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