Monday, 8 August 2011

IP talk: Make money while you sleep

This talk was held by Kate McCullagh from Bird & Bird

While I had no idea what IP was, I relished in the thought of making money whilst resting on my laurel.
This talk was somewhat an early start to a Saturday morning (10.30) and the first few rows were barely filled.

My sleepy morning was abruptly bombarded with what felt like a anvil on my head. Kate McCullagh from Bird & Bird seemed very nice, and did try her best to make the talk interesting, but unfortunately, It became increasingly hard to concentrate and keep my interest. The slides were full of text, although bullet pointed it was still a lot to look at, read, take in and understand first thing in the morning with what felt like a very complicated (although important) thing to understand.

However what she did make clear was that work that you create is legally yours, and there are people such as ‘own-it’ that are available to help you.

Kate was a lovely lady who it seemed had an unfortunate slot of the day to be talking about a subject so heavy, I would however still consider going to a similar talk again if the opportunity arose. I do however hope that the way that the presentation is delivered is slightly lighter in material?

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