Monday, 8 August 2011

German Infographics

During my recent holiday in the South-west of France I found this group of German books. These books are a collection of illustrated exercise books. They appear to be aimed at children as well as parents. No words are present throughout any of the books, only on the front of each book. 

I really love the quality of each booklet, all images are lovingly created. Although mass produced, the image appears to be painted. Each image has a hazy quality which really gives it a nostalgic feeling. 

The text on the front of the book has a "comic sans" quality which actually for once is used in the correct context. The essence of exercise is brought forth with the idea of play, making it "healthy fun".

I also really enjoy the simple instructional drawings below each image which really effectively display each particular exercise the child can perform. I really enjoyed finding this 30 year old printed gem.

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