Monday, 8 August 2011

Creative Communication Skills

This talk was held by:
Laura North -Speaking out
Hannah Clements -Creative Careers

This particular talk was the last of what felt like a very long day. I had spent my whole day in the same room sitting on the tiny, uncomfortable chairs.

This talk was about public speaking and networking. Both which I am trying to get better at. After introducing themselves, they both announced that this talk was interactive (to my horror)
It’s pretty much my pet peeve. Forced situations where your forced to speak, forced to wave the list goes on..

However, this in fact was a pleasant experience. After a long day of being slumped a tiny chair, the chance to speak to one another was actually really fun. We were asked to simply turn to our neighbour and talk about ourselves, whilst the other listened and vice versa. A few steps later we were talking about ourselves to a group of 8. A step later we had to approach strangers. Without us knowing, we were networking and public speaking (on a smaller scale)

Most people in the room raised their hand when asked if they were nervous about public speaking. I doubt however if those people in the room realised that they were doing public speaking when in their groups because I certainly didn’t.

I found this talk really invigorating, it made me feel that networking was something that could come quite naturally to me, and although public speaking can still send me into a trembling mess, removing the label “public speaking” seems like a good start to solving my problem. It was definitely once of my favourite talks of the whole event.

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