Monday, 8 August 2011


On July 1st and 2nd an event was held, the first of its kind. Artsmart was held at Chelsea College of Art and Design. It was an opportunity for students and graduates to have inside advice and tips from alumni and industry insiders.

I went to the whole event, two days were spent eagerly attending talks and workshops, furiously scribbling down every tip and suggestion as to what I could do to get ahead.

The event as a whole was a worthwhile and memorable experience. It was really well organised, the weather on the two days of the event was perfect. My only grumble is the chairs in some of the talks. The size of the seat was rather small, which made it difficult to get comfortable. It became a little hard to concentrate on a speaker due to repositioning every few minutes. Artsmart was a place where creatives can extend their help to a new hungry audience. It set up a situation which wouldn’t normally be available be accessible, and It allowed students to network.

Throughout the event I went to some really interesting talks and workshops. I attended the following:

Starting out in Visual Communication
Creative Review presents...How to get press coverage
IP talk :Make money while you sleep
Promoting your Talent - Presentation Skills
Creative Communication Skills
Social Networking for Career Opportunities

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