Monday, 29 August 2011

Making books is fun!

This summer I've been making a book (it's not quite finished yet), and today during my daily blog/twitter trawl, I found this fantastic video.


Saturday, 27 August 2011

Business Cards


My Business cards arrived today. I got mine from overnight prints they are a company in Germany. I'm really happy with the quality of the printing. The detail in the logo has come out perfectly! I wanted it to look textured and gritty and they certainly delivered. Definitely will be re-ordering from them when I run out. 

The cards I got are on 350gsm with a gloss finish. At first I wanted a satin/matt finish, but the option wasn't available. I am really happy with gloss though and am planning to stick with it. I'm looking forward to following my business handshake with my newly printed business cards.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Infographic Pop Up Book


So i'm getting the hand of the pop up thing again. I like that it looks quite 'pretty'. I think this fact makes the information more interesting and accessible. 

Things that I've realised whilst making this maquette:

001. Bone Folders help immensley
002. Use 150gsm+ even on practices!
003. Don't get scalpel happy

Business Card

My final draft of my first business card. I sent it off to the printers last night, I hope if turns out well!

Fingers crossed.

Friday, 19 August 2011


Launching myself as a designer is pretty tough. I have a rather 'exotic' surname which is somewhat preventing me to use my full name as a first point of interest as such. I don't particularly want to force a super cool pseudonym as I feel like those sort of things that fit and work well come naturally. I'd rather let it appear to me then me to forcefully create one.
It's the pronunciation that seems to plague me. 'Omandap' has often been translated into several different spellings, therefore my brand/logo will show my initials 'KO'.

I've begun with a colour of mustard yellow, but the sharpness of the logo doesn't sit well with me. I like it, but I think that I could make it I've decided to roughen it up slightly by printing the logo with lino. I really enjoy the gritty-ness that lino has, I also think that it has a charming quality in the same way that screen prints and letterpress prints do.

Now I just have to wait for them to dry so I can inspect them in their full gritty glory.

I'm also debating the detail of the fish silhouette I added. I included it because in my last job I work on a aquatics section. The silhouette of this particular fish its renowned for its bold character. But most people can't really tell its a fish, let alone what sort of fish it is. thoughts?

Koenig Books

Walther König, you are my kryptonite.

Walking to another of my favourite stores (magMA) I passed Koenig Books. (Also known as Walther König in Germany) Its a fantastic book store which always has an Aladdin's cave feeling. I always make an effort to visit one of these stores when I go to Germany to bring back a treat for my bookshelf. 

Now there is one on Charing Cross Road, I find it extremely difficult to walk past without popping in to have a look at what they have. It is also very unusual for me to have a look and not convince myself that there is a book I simply have to buy because  its useful and lovely to flick through when I'm hard up for ideas.

Today's buy is Red Dot's Communication Design yearbook of 2007/2008. Okay so it's over 3 years old but I think it's irrelevant. The thing that made me want to buy this book (besides the outrageous price) is the broad spectrum of work inside. It has the following; corporate design, information design/public space, advertising, packaging design, editorial, poster, interactive media, tv & cinema, sound design. I think that its healthy to get ideas from different type of media. I'm really looking forward to looking through this book to see what it has to offer.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Infographic Pop Up Book

Today I began re-working on a past project. I have struggled on this one for a while as how to effectively portray my weather statistics in an interesting and informative way. Flipping through pages of my new books, I came across a book called 'POP UP' by Mariano Sidoni

He portrays statistics using bar graphs in a physical way. This is something that really interests me. I have had a history with pop ups (see artist book structure) and they have proven successfull with how I like to work. Today was a trial run, and although a little tricky, I think I've figured out pretty much how its done. More pictures to come soon.

Monday, 15 August 2011

New Books!

Recieving mail for me is pretty exciting, as I don't tend to get anything apart from bank statements (boo!) But today I received 1 of 2 book deliveries! I decided to buy books that I often borrow from the library from university, which for part of the time in incur late fines due to being so engrossed in them I completely forget! This year, tallying a total of £12 in fines. This should hopefully free the amount of books I have to borrow out or wait to become available.

Information is beautiful is a must for any aspiring information designer, its a good book to have to hand when your not sure as how to show your information in an interesting way.

Data Flow (1) and 2 are really good books to give you ideas as how to display your information in a very physical way.

How to be a graphic design without losing you soul is a book which I have been recommended to read as a young designer, something which I will enjoy spending my new found spare time to read!

At this rate I might have to make a new book case for all these lovelies..

Friday, 12 August 2011


I've finally got the hang of the CSS/DNS stuff and my website is fully functional and fancy.

Check me out at

Type Fluid Experiment


I really love the excitement and the movement this type shows. I also really like the grotesque element to it, the thoughts of veins and capillaries come to mind when looking closely, aswell as growing mould and spores...

Image credits: Hussain (at)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Japanese Graphic Design

When one passion links to another, it is something extremely exciting. Whilst watching 'Rick Stein and the Japanese Ambassador' I noticed some fantastic graphic designs in the background of the small restaurants. 

This led me to start some research, here are some favourites i've found so far

Graduation Works. Tama Art University. 2009

Cruises Smile. Takashi Akiyama. 2010

Time-Space Engineering. Takashi Akiyama. 2009
Earthquake Japan, Tsunami. Takashi Akiyama. 2010

Sake Rock. Ohara Daijiro. 2007

I really love the playfulness that appears in Japanese graphic design, something that I think is missing from most western graphic design.

Image credits: All posters are taken from this fantastic tumblr here

Monday, 8 August 2011

German Infographics

During my recent holiday in the South-west of France I found this group of German books. These books are a collection of illustrated exercise books. They appear to be aimed at children as well as parents. No words are present throughout any of the books, only on the front of each book. 

I really love the quality of each booklet, all images are lovingly created. Although mass produced, the image appears to be painted. Each image has a hazy quality which really gives it a nostalgic feeling. 

The text on the front of the book has a "comic sans" quality which actually for once is used in the correct context. The essence of exercise is brought forth with the idea of play, making it "healthy fun".

I also really enjoy the simple instructional drawings below each image which really effectively display each particular exercise the child can perform. I really enjoyed finding this 30 year old printed gem.

Creative Communication Skills

This talk was held by:
Laura North -Speaking out
Hannah Clements -Creative Careers

This particular talk was the last of what felt like a very long day. I had spent my whole day in the same room sitting on the tiny, uncomfortable chairs.

This talk was about public speaking and networking. Both which I am trying to get better at. After introducing themselves, they both announced that this talk was interactive (to my horror)
It’s pretty much my pet peeve. Forced situations where your forced to speak, forced to wave the list goes on..

However, this in fact was a pleasant experience. After a long day of being slumped a tiny chair, the chance to speak to one another was actually really fun. We were asked to simply turn to our neighbour and talk about ourselves, whilst the other listened and vice versa. A few steps later we were talking about ourselves to a group of 8. A step later we had to approach strangers. Without us knowing, we were networking and public speaking (on a smaller scale)

Most people in the room raised their hand when asked if they were nervous about public speaking. I doubt however if those people in the room realised that they were doing public speaking when in their groups because I certainly didn’t.

I found this talk really invigorating, it made me feel that networking was something that could come quite naturally to me, and although public speaking can still send me into a trembling mess, removing the label “public speaking” seems like a good start to solving my problem. It was definitely once of my favourite talks of the whole event.

Promoting your talent -Presentation Sklls

The speakers for this talk were:
Emma-Jayne Parkes & Viviane Jaeger -Squid
Reem Kanj - Fast Five Fabulous

This particular talk was more of a panel discussion. We as an audience were able to openly ask questions which gave the talk a more relaxed feel almost immediately. What I think made a difference was the chosen speakers were all UAL alumni of what only seemed around 2 years? It gave me the feeling of reassurance of there is space for me and us as (soon to be) graduates and we can make our own mark or illuminate marks of others.

The talk began with a simple introduction as to what they do as creatives in the industry, and how they got there. The emphasis upon presenting and public speaking was heavy, which made it easy to keep the conversations from going off in a tangent. The speakers gave us great tips and techniques as to how to give a great presentation and in fact how to present yourself. We were advised to think about ourselves and the presentation as a whole.

Some of the tips I found extremely useful were:

I found the panel discussion scenario really good. It made me feel comfortable, and almost on the same level as the speakers? I even almost asked a question. Almost.

IP talk: Make money while you sleep

This talk was held by Kate McCullagh from Bird & Bird

While I had no idea what IP was, I relished in the thought of making money whilst resting on my laurel.
This talk was somewhat an early start to a Saturday morning (10.30) and the first few rows were barely filled.

My sleepy morning was abruptly bombarded with what felt like a anvil on my head. Kate McCullagh from Bird & Bird seemed very nice, and did try her best to make the talk interesting, but unfortunately, It became increasingly hard to concentrate and keep my interest. The slides were full of text, although bullet pointed it was still a lot to look at, read, take in and understand first thing in the morning with what felt like a very complicated (although important) thing to understand.

However what she did make clear was that work that you create is legally yours, and there are people such as ‘own-it’ that are available to help you.

Kate was a lovely lady who it seemed had an unfortunate slot of the day to be talking about a subject so heavy, I would however still consider going to a similar talk again if the opportunity arose. I do however hope that the way that the presentation is delivered is slightly lighter in material?

Artsmart. Fuel

The food side of the event was supported by eat street. My personal favourite were the taco’s! I’m always a fan of something different, and I hadn’t eaten Mexican food for a while. Toma Mexicano was a breath of fresh air. The food tasted amazing, and it certainly was service with a smile. Chatty, friendly and good food! I actually ate here for the whole artsmart event, well done guys!

Creative Review presents...How to get press coverage

This talk was held by Mark Sinclair, the deputy editor of Creative Review.

Despite it being the last talk of the day, the room was to 80% capacity. We all sat patiently whilst Mark had what we all fear -technical difficulties. He advised us as how to (and how not to) contact Creative Review in hope for press about their work or possible internships with them.

I found every tip he gave us to be valuable. Although we are eager to receive contact in return, don’t badger your prospective employer, allow them time to peruse your email/work and then call them after a few days to remind them of your work.

Overall I found this talk really interesting, and it was exiting to see two people form a magazine I read regularly.

Social Networking for Career Opportunities

The speakers for this event were:
Tim Mitchell, talent strategist at The Talent Business
Reem Kanj, UAL Alumni and founder/editor for Five Five Fabulous
Claire Strickland, bespoke Milliner
Gity Monsef Webb, director of artist relations at Talenthouse
Scott Phillips, founder of Rise Art

The set up of this talk was more of a open discussion, questions were asked from the audience as the speakers shared their experience as to how we as creatives can utilise tools such as facebook and twitter to enhance our creative careers.

One strong theme throughout the talk was that personal and work online identities need to be kept separate. Your prospective employer shouldn’t be able to google you and find out what you did the night before your interview.

Key things from this talk:

This talk was very popular, many people were standing in the background. I think the thought of places like facebook and twitter being used to better our creative career is quite exciting. Its something that most of use daily if not more. I found this talk extremely useful, and has given me a kick up the digital bottom to have a bigger presence in the digital world. My only grumble is that at points it was hard to hear the speakers and members of the audience, It was a room with windows opening onto the road.  At times I had to strain to hear things, and I was 2 rows from the front.

Starting out in Visual Communication

The speakers at this talk were -
Mike Radcliffe - Represent
Derek Brazell - Association of Illustrators (AOI)
Fred Deakin - Airside
Paul Penson - Creative Review
Sarah Mann - Pick Me Up
It was my first talk of the event and I turned up early, thinking I could get a good seat. To my surprise, I had to wait in line. It seems I wasn’t the only one to be eager enough to turn up early.
The lecture hall was about 80% full with attendees leaking in through the back after the talk began (naturally).

The structure of the talk was that each speaker had their segment, with an open time for questions at the end of all the speakers, and then 30 minutes of networking at the SU bar.

Here are some tips I ‘picked up’

The whole talk was really rewarding, the tips and suggestions each creative spoke of was always something of value. I also realised that no matter how successful, the sense of nerves during public speaking is always there. Definitely one of my favourite talks of the whole event.


On July 1st and 2nd an event was held, the first of its kind. Artsmart was held at Chelsea College of Art and Design. It was an opportunity for students and graduates to have inside advice and tips from alumni and industry insiders.

I went to the whole event, two days were spent eagerly attending talks and workshops, furiously scribbling down every tip and suggestion as to what I could do to get ahead.

The event as a whole was a worthwhile and memorable experience. It was really well organised, the weather on the two days of the event was perfect. My only grumble is the chairs in some of the talks. The size of the seat was rather small, which made it difficult to get comfortable. It became a little hard to concentrate on a speaker due to repositioning every few minutes. Artsmart was a place where creatives can extend their help to a new hungry audience. It set up a situation which wouldn’t normally be available be accessible, and It allowed students to network.

Throughout the event I went to some really interesting talks and workshops. I attended the following:

Starting out in Visual Communication
Creative Review presents...How to get press coverage
IP talk :Make money while you sleep
Promoting your Talent - Presentation Skills
Creative Communication Skills
Social Networking for Career Opportunities