Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Presentation Help at High Holborn

Today I went to an event created by speaking out events, and organised by Laura North.

It was fantastic. I like many people am not particularly keen on public speaking. I have currently been doing workshops with Laura to combat this. As a creative, we often have to pitch and present our work so such a situation seems to be inevitable. 

The seminar today was really really helpful. The session was introduced by (a possibly slightly nervous) Laura North. She began the evening off with a great short talk and a fun presentation. The whole room laughed with her slide show, so it was a comforting start.

The first speaker Alison James, Head of Learning and Teaching at LCF. Alison spoke about how to be more confident, and has created an online resource which is super helpful. It's called PPD Coach. I found her presentation really engaging, she seemed really down to earth, friendly and rather funny! She appeared to be speaking to us from a similar level.

The second speaker was Charlie Hocking, a Graphic Designer. He graduated from LCC last year (hurrah!) He spoke of how to handle interviews, and how to avoid giving really dull lectures. Immediately I felt a UAL pride connection with him. Especially as he did DPS in his third year which I am actually going to take on next year. His style of presenting was first and foremost visual. No text apart from his name appeared in his slide show. I found this very engaging.

The third speaker was Mark McGuinness, a Creative Coach. He was a previously introverted poet now turned creative coach speaker. He showed us how to make a presentation creative, and how not to present our slides. Although he made some very valid points, I felt that the tone of his voice was slightly condescending, which unfortunetly sent my interest spiralling downward.

Overall this was a really informative and helpful evening! I urge anyone who reads this to keep your eye out for similar events by speaking out events. Regardless of how you feel about public speaking, strive to be better and go to these events!

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