Thursday, 30 June 2011

1-2 July 2011 at Chelsea College of Art and Design

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Royal College of Art Private View

On Thursday I was lucky enough to be a plus one to the RCA private view night. I have worked at these events previously, but I never actually managed to see the work!

The first thing that really hit me was the sheer scale of the pieces on show. Everything was huge, and attention grabbing! I found myself rushing from one side of the room to the other with excitement to see what exactly was on show. 

The second thing that hit me was the busyness of the show. A lot of people were there, a snaking one way system was created walking through the corridors of the Stevens building. I definitely had a few favourites, the communications, animations and the curators work were really interesting.

After the show I had a few after thoughts:
001. seating for the animation reels should be sanded. I ended up with a hole in my tights...
002. the noise of the surroundings need to be considered, I was really straining to hear the sound
003. bins should be provided, bottles and glasses shouldn't be collected in corners of rooms..

Overall I had a really good night, certainly blown away with the standard of work. After all it is students completing their masters...and it is the RCA. Definitely going next year.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

rain rain rain

Trying to get my portfolio finished with all resourcses at uni slowing shutting down is becoming a race. Today I managed to squeeze a session in the 3d photography studio (luckily) just in time for my next portfolio session next week!

I visited Sea Design studio this afternoon. Luckily it brightened up! It was a really interesting studio visit. Its a compact, friendly atmosphere there. They seem to be very popular, and sought after as they designer told us they were receiving up to 4 PDF's a day from students looking for a job. It was overall informative and interesting. I think I may apply to them.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

humanised illustration

I just love these new adverts from Listerine.

busy busy busy

I always promise myself that i'll be less busy and give my time to just be. But my weeks always get booked up so quickly!

21/6  Speaking out as a creative -prestentation help at High Holborn
22/6  Photograph work for porfolio & Sea Design Studio Visit
23/6  Overtime at Pets at Home & RCA Private View
24/6  Overtime at Pets at Home
25/6  Working at Pets at Home & Birthday party in Battersea
26/6  Day of rest
27/6  Overtime at Pets at Home
28/6  Day with Polly
29/6  DPS portfolio tutorial
30/6  Overtime at Pets at Home & LCC Degree show
01/7  Artsmart. at Chelsea & D&AD New Blood at the Truman Brewery
02/7  Working at Pets at Home
03/7 Day of rest

..and the list goes on

summer of twothousand and eleven

This 'year' I hope to..

001. read more books

002. stand still more

003. spend less time in front of the laptop

004. sleep more

005. spend more time with my family

006. have more faith in my work

007. be proud of what I create

008. make time to do nothing

009. be less messy

010. be stronger

011. throw myself in the deep end

Presentation Help at High Holborn

Today I went to an event created by speaking out events, and organised by Laura North.

It was fantastic. I like many people am not particularly keen on public speaking. I have currently been doing workshops with Laura to combat this. As a creative, we often have to pitch and present our work so such a situation seems to be inevitable. 

The seminar today was really really helpful. The session was introduced by (a possibly slightly nervous) Laura North. She began the evening off with a great short talk and a fun presentation. The whole room laughed with her slide show, so it was a comforting start.

The first speaker Alison James, Head of Learning and Teaching at LCF. Alison spoke about how to be more confident, and has created an online resource which is super helpful. It's called PPD Coach. I found her presentation really engaging, she seemed really down to earth, friendly and rather funny! She appeared to be speaking to us from a similar level.

The second speaker was Charlie Hocking, a Graphic Designer. He graduated from LCC last year (hurrah!) He spoke of how to handle interviews, and how to avoid giving really dull lectures. Immediately I felt a UAL pride connection with him. Especially as he did DPS in his third year which I am actually going to take on next year. His style of presenting was first and foremost visual. No text apart from his name appeared in his slide show. I found this very engaging.

The third speaker was Mark McGuinness, a Creative Coach. He was a previously introverted poet now turned creative coach speaker. He showed us how to make a presentation creative, and how not to present our slides. Although he made some very valid points, I felt that the tone of his voice was slightly condescending, which unfortunetly sent my interest spiralling downward.

Overall this was a really informative and helpful evening! I urge anyone who reads this to keep your eye out for similar events by speaking out events. Regardless of how you feel about public speaking, strive to be better and go to these events!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

End of Second Year


I had my final tutorial of the year, and received my grade! I got 75! Woohoo! Go me! So I'm very pleased. I think I'm on track to receiving a 1st for my degree (fingers crossed)
Year 2 is finally  finished!  I can happily rest and sleep without having to worry about doing a million things! I have enjoyed this year, but It has been my busiest yet! Very much looking forward to having a few days of doing nothing!

Now to start tidying my room...the last few days has created a tornado/paper fire hazard look in my room...

Mogu Mogu at the Design Museum

During our spring term we had to design a fictional exhibition with the theme of the Japanese home. Being a food lover I chose to look at Japanese food, and in particular candy and junk food. 
Here is a poster I designed to advertise my fictional exhibition. More ephemera to follow soon!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Graphic and Media Design Year 2

The end is near! Today was my final hand in of the year. I handed all projects that we've done since January. As always, the last few days before assessment is hectic. This particular one was completed with only 6 hours sleep for the last three days! I was fully prepared to hand in my things, but with the Noah's ark like rain this morning I had to bring in all my work in a rather attractive bin liner!

I will go in tomorrow to receive my grade for my 2nd year. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Diploma in Professional studies

Gold star for me! All that hard work and late nights were definitely worth it! I am one of 30 (or so) to do a Diploma in Professional Studies. It is an optional year of my Graphic and Media Design degree at London College of Communication. I will spend the next 14 months working in industry, volunteering and working on my craft skills. I plan to apply France, Germany and Philippines. Watch this space.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Shakespeare today (again)

It's 55hours and 45mins to go until my final deadline. I've finally finished my posters and am really pleased with them.

Brief: Design three A1 posters for a fictitious season of William Shakespeare's plays, staged at the Barbican Centre. The overall theme and name of this season is "Shakespeare today"

Solution:  Three A1 portrait posters whose design visually joins the traditional and modern. The placement of colour connotes excitement of the new additions of the modernised plays.

Thursday, 9 June 2011


 For a very long time I genuinely thought it was the-a-saurus. Until a giggling English class in high school lovingly pointed out that it wasn't. Although now I know, I still do it for fun. 

To my delight, I found this today so i couldn't have been the only one to make this comical mistake.

Picture taken from taken from bent objects

Diploma in Professional Studies

Today I submitted my DPS portfolio for selection. I have spent the last term of my second year completing extra projects on top of my studio projects. This is the work I submitted. It's a mix of 1st and 2nd year work. I will find out tomorrow if I'm selected to do the internship year. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Shakespeare today

These are posters advertising a fictional series of plays at the Barbican. These are a working progress.