Sunday, 5 December 2010

Presents from Germany

I love presents! Especially when they're from traditional German Christmas Markets. My gifts are simple, but lovely. The one on the left is a "Wichtel" which is a little christmas elf that makes presents. You may have heard the story of "The shoe make and his elves"? well they're pretty similar. It's beautifully crafted  and hand painted. It comes from K√§the wohlfahrt which is a company in Germany which is pretty famous for hand made wooden things. The one on the right are what you could call insence? They're shaped like little cones which are lit and then placed into your wooden R√§ucherman. (Mine is a fisherman with a rod with a little fish on it) at the bottom of the packet it reads "Weihnachts-Duft" which translates into Christmas scent/smell

I really enjoy things like this that are simple but lovely. Not everything has to be bright and shiny. Handmade and matte suits me just fine.

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