Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Belated Merry Christmas

Thanks Mummy!! Boo to snow, icy weather and bank holidays which made my christmas present late! (the other one still hasn't arrived)

After having my first lot of 110 film developed, I was set on getting more accessories for my new love. I found this 50mm telescopic lens online. It arrived in a fantastic box. All sides are identical and makes me nostalgic for simple design. It came in a keeper, which means I can keep the lens in perfect condition! Compared with my current lens (18mm) its huge. I want to try it on already but I have to wait to finish my current roll of film. It also came with a little booklet about all the lenses which are available for the Pentax Auto 110. 

N.B. Hopefully next to arrive is my Pentax AP100 Flash gun. Please, thank you Mr Postman :)

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