Wednesday, 22 September 2010

London Design Festival at the V&A

Framed by Stuart Haygarth

Blow and Roll by Oskar Zieta, Zieta Process

Overall, my visit to the V&A purely for the LDF exhibition was a sore disappointment. As a Information Design student, I found that the museum's signage was really quite poor, and at times non existent. For the event of "a unique collaboration between the worlds leading museum of art and design, and London's foremost contemporary design festival." The event within the establishment was poorly displayed which left me wondering the museum having to look for or possibly chancing upon "a dramatic site-spefic installation on a grand marble staircase..." If you haven't been to the V&A there are hundreds of staircases. It felt ridiculous traipsing around a museum looking for stairs. Even more so for dragging my boyfriend along.

Upon finding the installation, it was actually quite nice. The colours really stood out in a building or marble and tiles, and almost looked slightly like lego. Rather than  walking down the stairs safely I began to stare at the moulding whilst walking down the stairs. It was almost slightly hypnotising. Not to mention a slight hazard. I do enjoy the line that the moulding has made the most.

Zieta's "dramatic shapes" are situated in a lovely courtyard which has an almost tranquil, european feeling. I was extremely lucky as I was able to view this on a not so typical, "the sun has got his hat on" london day. I found the way that the shapes were created using air and water were more interesting that the actual pieces. I felt like I should really give this piece a chance to talk to me, or intrigue me so I really sat there for a few minutes. Nothing happened. 

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