Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Belated Merry Christmas

Thanks Mummy!! Boo to snow, icy weather and bank holidays which made my christmas present late! (the other one still hasn't arrived)

After having my first lot of 110 film developed, I was set on getting more accessories for my new love. I found this 50mm telescopic lens online. It arrived in a fantastic box. All sides are identical and makes me nostalgic for simple design. It came in a keeper, which means I can keep the lens in perfect condition! Compared with my current lens (18mm) its huge. I want to try it on already but I have to wait to finish my current roll of film. It also came with a little booklet about all the lenses which are available for the Pentax Auto 110. 

N.B. Hopefully next to arrive is my Pentax AP100 Flash gun. Please, thank you Mr Postman :)

Pentax Auto 110

Pictures taken with my Pentax Auto 110 with an 18mm lens.
Scanned with CanoScan Lide 200.

I am completely in love with this camera. I really love the quality of the pictures and the colours. It's definitely a little camera with a lot of clout!

Belated Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to me! My lovely brother bought this for my birthday. Although a month later, I am super grateful! I've been wanting one of these for ages. Will upload scanned pictures soon!

Technical Specs:
Focus Range: Fixed
Exposure Control: Automatic
Power: USB 2.0
Image Sensor: Lens&quater, 3 mega CMOS
Colour Channel: 24 to 48 bit
Drivers: Driver Free 
              With XP, Vista 32/64 but and Ma OS x10.34 above
Dimensions: 76.5 x 92.5 x 100mm 

Box Contents:
Film to PC Scanner unit
1 x Slide holder
1 x 35 Film holder
1 x 110 Film holder
Cleaner Brush
ArcSoft MediaImpressions software

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Presents from Germany

I love presents! Especially when they're from traditional German Christmas Markets. My gifts are simple, but lovely. The one on the left is a "Wichtel" which is a little christmas elf that makes presents. You may have heard the story of "The shoe make and his elves"? well they're pretty similar. It's beautifully crafted  and hand painted. It comes from Käthe wohlfahrt which is a company in Germany which is pretty famous for hand made wooden things. The one on the right are what you could call insence? They're shaped like little cones which are lit and then placed into your wooden Räucherman. (Mine is a fisherman with a rod with a little fish on it) at the bottom of the packet it reads "Weihnachts-Duft" which translates into Christmas scent/smell

I really enjoy things like this that are simple but lovely. Not everything has to be bright and shiny. Handmade and matte suits me just fine.

The Decorative Umlaut

Fig A

The umlaut is a pair of dots used in the german language to denote change of sound, they are placed over vowels.

They seem to be used decoratively (much to my dismay) to which, if spoken correctly (using the umlaut) sounds ridiculous or actually makes no sense at all. Take Figure A, this was taken at a popular bath/cosmetics store, which claim to only use natural ingredients. "We love to Böög(ie)". I was taught at school that things in brackets are essentially not needed and are an afterthought; so essentially its reads as "We love to Böög" which makes no sense at all and isn't even really a word. Not to mention a pretty rubbish design..

Friday, 26 November 2010

Nostalgic Quality

I was handed this on wednesday morning on my way into waterloo. All the person said was "TFL" as this was shoved my way whilst trying to battle my way through to the ticket barriers to the underground. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the envelope to find this well designed survey.

The quality of this really struck me. In the age of faster is better, cheaper is better, the survey is even printed on 160 gsm matte card. Nothing shiny, nothing pretty just a well designed survey. It is extremely similar to a underground tube map I found which was produced in the 70's. (To be posted soon)

Tangible visuals

3D. Handmade. Interactive Design. 
I was really surprised to see this in the Evening Standard the other night, I'm a big fan of all things hand made and interactive. I love its playfulness and its use of colour. 

Monday, 22 November 2010


Cash Cow

Children in Need has presented us with Pudsey's new friend aptly named "Blush". Perhaps Pudsey their main star has lost its sparkle and thus felt the need to design a female friend to appeal to all females alike. There seems to be one problem however, Blush doesn't exactly look "in Need". Pudsey has the "in Need" look down with his eye patch. So what is wrong with Blush? ...Mumps maybe?

Appologies for the rubbish picture, but I was too tired to move.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

'Tis the season to catch something deathly

Sorry for the lack of posts! I caught that flu/cough/cold bug that is going around. 

So yes anyway before becoming a hermit for a week I thought these would come in handy with that "Catch it-Bin it-Kill it" thing.

But staring at them in my cough syrup/night nurse fuelled stupor, I noticed...what the hell is this?

Granted germs go on your hands which can explain the picture of a hand. But the blue cross? with or without the caption of "spread love not germs" a hand with a blue cross does not say this to me. Who got paid for this lunacy??

Geometric Pop-up

14 pieces. 3 and a half hours. In your face flu...

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Colour Blind

Today we had a colour workshop, we had a total of 4 hours to organise and structure 120-150 colour swatches according to hue and lightness. Hard days work, but very interesting!

Sunday, 17 October 2010


Apparently, they are no longer letting people into/onto the Weiwei exhibition at the Tate Modern? Could this be why?

First real day: Poster Workshop

We seem to be taking baby steps this year but i am loving loving loving it. Why run before we can walk?  learning the foundations and essentials of good design is what i wanted to do a year ago. 

In this workshop we designed posters for an imaginary talk by Crouwel. In 5 hours. By hand.

Apologies for the bad quality photos.

My poster design is the last photo. thoughts?

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Weiwei at Tate Modern

I went to the Weiwei exhibition at Tate Modern today. The second half of the turbine hall is completely covered in these dainty handcrafted porcelain sunflower seeds. I loved it. The effect is strange, sitting there knowing that your surrounded by 100million hand crafted sunflower seeds, its crazy! 

I was surrounded by people who weren't really sure what we were allowed to do...are we allowed to play with it, lie down, sit down? Visitors bemused reactions to their surroundings was attention grabbing.
Despite the slightly dusty surroundings, the sound of people making their way through the exhibition is similar to walking along brighton beach...its quite nice.

Visit it! It is something to see.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Information Design: 2nd Year Beginnings




Using the photos collected we were asked to select 5 or more and place them into which category we saw fit. The correct category which the photo was intended for was actually on the back, but looking would have defeated the purpose of this workshop. What we were learning was to edit the photographs strategically in order to create a collection of images without ambiguity. Each collection was then slowly edited down.